In 2011, Mahmoud embarked on a transformative journey, shifting his focus from traditional academic education to vocational training. He chose the Makassed Vocational And Technical Center to pursue his passion for interior beautification.

Driven by a desire to acquire practical skills essential for entering the job market, Mahmoud opted for vocational education. Specializing in interior beautification, he found the motivation and challenges he sought, aiming to expand his expertise and explore new creative possibilities.

During his tenure, Mahmoud led impactful practical projects in interior beautification, gaining valuable hands-on experience that turned his creative visions into reality.

Upon graduation, Mahmoud used his skills to secure employment opportunities in interior design. Quickly establishing himself as a proficient professional, he made a mark in beautifying interior spaces.

Today, Mahmoud stands as a testament to the transformative power of vocational education, showcasing how dedication and passion can lead to significant success in innovative fields like interior design.

  • Academic and Professional Milestones:

Mahmoud obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon in 2014, laying a solid foundation for his career. He also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual from Antonine University in Lebanon in 2020, broadening his skills further.

  • Career Path:

Early Career: Mahmoud began as an AutoCAD operator at Araco from September 2010 to July 2013, contributing detailed executive drawings for infrastructure and office designs.

Career Development: Moving to Prime Engineering Company from August 2013 to March 2015, Mahmoud specialized in creating interior and exterior 3D visualizations using 3DS MAX and AutoCAD.

Return to Interior Design: Rejoining Araco in 2015 as an interior designer, Mahmoud provided interior mood boards, client interaction, 3D design renderings, and on-site supervision.

Freelance Venture: In 2018, Mahmoud transitioned to freelance work, offering comprehensive interior and exterior 3D visualizations. He also became an independent trainer in 3DS Max, delivering mood studies, 2D drawings, and site supervision.

Creativity: In October 2021, Mahmoud contributed to a new project called “Liv Homes,” focusing on interior design using tools like 3DS Max, Vray, and Corona Renderer.

Exploring Audiovisual: Mahmoud diversified into audiovisual in 2018, becoming proficient in video editing and sound design with Avid Media Composer and Pro-Tools. His skills expanded to include Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, leading to roles as a technical director and storyboard artist.

Mahmoud’s journey exemplifies dedication, excellence, and continuous creativity in the dynamic fields of interior design and audiovisual arts.

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