Makassed Vocational And Technical Institution

In line with the purposes and objectives of the Makassed Islamic Philanthropic Association of Beirut, Makassed Vocational and Technical School for Education aims to build a generation that enjoys scientific, professional and technical knowledge, a generation that strives for professionalism and better tomorrows, a generation that innovates for the sake of a nation and the continuity of a society, a generation that leaves its mark in the positive development process of mankind.

Makassed Vocational and Technical School was established in 1994 on these values and firmly strives to achieve this goal steady steps.

The school has been licensed to offer two types of programs:

1- The technical baccalaureate certificates (BT) and technical excellence (TS).

2- Intensive courses in cooperation with international and local organizations in various commercial and industrial sectors.


Makassed Vocational School and Training Center’s fosters strength of character through the development of personal responsibility, integrity and the ability to learn and grow in a culturally diverse and technologically advanced society.


Makassed Vocational School and Training Center is committed to offer self-direct learning and lifelong learning to our diverse student body through the needed skills to become critical thinkers, collaborative workers, effective communicators and technologically literate individuals.