Suleiman Mhanna pursued his secondary education in electronics at Makassed Vocational And Technical Center in 2007, earning both a technical baccalaureate and a technical excellence certificate. His academic prowess continued as he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Modern University of Science and Technology, specializing in Computer Communications at the American University of Science and Technology.

With a passion for teaching, Suleiman started his career as a theoretical knowledge teacher, inspiring over 50 students from diverse backgrounds and preparing them for future challenges.
Known for his ambition and proactive approach, he excelled in teamwork, communication, problem-solving, teaching, and leadership.

Suleiman’s professional journey expanded into project management at Pepsi Beirut, where he successfully reorganized operations, resolved industrial production machine errors, and introduced innovative ideas to enhance productivity.
In 2011, his skills in electricity, operations, and project management further blossomed, leading successful initiatives that saved time and resources for Pepsi Beirut.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Suleiman obtained a private pilot license from the International Civil Aviation Organization, mastering flight training with Beirut Wings. He is proficient in flying Piper PA46, Cessna 172, and Tecnam P2006t aircraft, showcasing his multi-engine license and versatility in aviation.

Suleiman’s interests also extended into digital marketing and social media, broadening his skill set across different domains.
In London, United Kingdom, he co-founded the STEAM program, which integrates aviation with science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to prepare students for higher education and future careers.

Additionally, Suleiman is a partner in Lebanon’s Spine Aviation Company, where he serves as the theoretical knowledge training manager for aviation courses.

Through his achievements in education, business and aviation, Suleiman Mhanna exemplifies dedication, hard work, and a diverse range of talents, making him a true inspiration and success.

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