Makassed Vocational and Technical School Alumni Reconnect After Two Decades: Rekindling Memories and Building a Stronger Future

Mount Lebanon, Lebanon – [Insert Date] – More than 20 years after graduation, graduates of Makassed Vocational and Technical School (MVTI) reunited on Thursday, July 28, 2022, for a heartwarming evening of reminiscing and reconnection.

The event, which fostered a renewed sense of community among alumni, provided a platform for graduates to:

  • Catch up on life’s journeys: Alumni shared their personal and professional experiences since their graduation day, highlighting the diverse career paths they have pursued.
  • Relive cherished memories: The gathering was a trip down memory lane, filled with laughter and stories about their time spent at MVTI. From lessons learned to friendships forged, the event rekindled cherished memories of their formative years at the school.
  • Reconnect and rebuild lasting bonds: The reunion emphasized the importance of staying connected, both with fellow graduates and with MVTI itself. The alumni expressed a strong desire to reactivate these gatherings to ensure a continued sense of community.

Strengthening the MVTI Legacy:

Ms. Diana Tabbara and Mr. Kamal Al-Halabi, prominent members of the Board of Trustees of the Makassed Association, graced the event with their presence. Their attendance underscored the enduring connection between MVTI and its alumni, highlighting the school’s commitment to fostering lifelong relationships with its graduates.

The alumni’s desire for regular reunions exemplifies the profound impact that MVTI has on its students. It’s a testament to the strong foundation and sense of community that the school cultivates, preparing its graduates not only for successful careers but also for lasting friendships and a supportive network.